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Best IAS Coaching Centre in Hyderabad

UPSC Course

Our UPSC Course in Hyderabad offers a comprehensive experience that equips graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the IAS examination and pursue a career in public administration.

UPSC Comprehensive Course in Hyderabad

Comprehensive Course

Duration – 1 Year

The UPSC Course in Hyderabad is meticulously designed to provide aspirants with a thorough understanding of all exam subjects. With personalized guidance and intensive preparation, our program equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the UPSC examination.

Course Detail

Date of Commencement

• 15-Feb-2024


• 1 Year

Class Timing

• 3:00 P.M to 7:00 P.M.

Total Lectures

• 980 Lectures

• 1960 Hours

UPSC Complete Course

Complete Course

Duration – 2 Years

The UPSC Complete Course provides a comprehensive and detailed approach to covering all exam topics. With personalized support, rigorous training, and extensive study materials, our program ensures that aspirants are thoroughly prepared to excel in the UPSC examination.

Course Detail

Date of Commencement



1 Year

Class Timing

3:00 P.M to 7:00 P.M.

Total Lectures

• 980 Lectures

• 1960 Hours

UPSC Intensive batch

Intensive Batch

Upto Job

The UPSC Intensive Batch “Upto Job” is designed to provide intensive preparation, personalized mentorship, and comprehensive coverage of exam topics. Our program is tailored to ensure aspirants are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure a job in the UPSC examination.

Course Detail

Date of Commencement



Upto Job

Class Timing

3:00 P.M to 7:00 P.M.

Total Lectures

• 980 Lectures

• 1960 Hours

UPSC Course Overview

Study Material

• CRUX of NCERT (6 to 12 Class) 10 Set Printed Notes/Books
• Vintage IAS Academy Pre-cum-Mains GS 18 Set Printed Notes/Books
• Optional Subject 2 Set Printed Notes
• Essay 1Set Printed Notes
• GS Topic-wise Printed Assignments
• Current Affairs Assignments/Notes
• Today’s Analysis Assignments
• Monthly Current Affairs Magazine


• Personalized Mentorship
• Special NCERT Classes
• Syllabus structured according to Academic and UPSC Exam.
• Doubt-clearing session program
• Editorials Analysis
• Summary of Yojana, Kurukshetra
• Weekly Mains Answer Writing
• Weekly Current Affairs Classes
• Daily Current Affairs Video Analysis
• Daily Current Affairs MCQ Test
• Monthly Current Affairs Magazine
• 32 Prelims Test with explanation
• 12 Full-Length Mains Exam Test
• Daily Pre and Mains Current Affairs Study Materials
• 12-Hour Campus Library.

3 Year Foundation Course Program

About 3 Year Foundation Course

Vintage IAS Academy, is providing the best UPSC Course in Hyderabad andoffering a three-year (36 months) foundation course for College Going Students who have completed their 12th grade. This course aims to help students prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exam while also earning their undergraduate degree. Over the course of three years, students in the Foundation Course will receive an academic degree as well as prepare for the Civil Services Exam.

In this year21 students who successfully completed the Vintage IAS Academy’s Foundation program at the age of 21 on their first attempt were selected as IAS candidates for the Civil Services Exam 2022. Additionally, 35 students from the Vintage IAS Academy passed the 2021 UPSC Civil Services Exam and were able to become IAS at the age of 21 on their 1st Attempt. Similarly, 53 Students Cleared Civil Services Exam at 21 Years of age and in his very 1st Attempt at UPSC CSE2020.

This impressive success is due to the excellent course design and hard work of our expert faculty and mentors, which provides the perfect combination for a large number of selections from the Best UPSC Course in Hyderabad.

Who should join the course?

The course is specifically designed for college going students to make their foundation for UPSC preparation strong.


Course features

• 1960+ hours of live lectures (delivered online and offline) which cover the entire UPSC CSE GS syllabus for Prelims and Mains
• 980+ lectures (4 hours per day) will be taken by our experts
• Course duration – 36 Months
• Comprehensive coverage of both Preliminary and Main syllabus including GS and CSAT
• Well-structured and planned subject sequence
• Personalized mentorship
• Regular answer writing Practice
• 32Prelims Test Series with explanation and 12 Length Mains Exam Test Series strictly based on UPSC Pattern.
• Regular topic wise 19 General Studies Prelims Test (2 hours each)
• Essay writing
• Mains updation classes after prelims
• Weekly current affairs classes to develop current based approach
• Interview guidance
• Well-designed study material.

Distinct feature:

• Aspirants will get personal mentorship from expert mentors which includes ex-UPSC officials also.
• Continuous support and guidance will be provided until any aspirant cracks UPSC Civil Services Exam

Course Details

UPSC Course encompasses classes for integrated GS Pre-cum-Mains, dedicated classes for CSAT, GS NCERT, Optional Subjects classes, Essay practice and writing sessions, Current Affairs classes, Pre/Mains Test Series, copy evaluation by experts and one to one doubt clearing sessions with the faculties at Vajirao & Reddy.

The course is designed to prepare student for UPSC CSE Examination in three different phases.

Ist Phase (1st Year)

Preparation of NCERT Based GS

Our UPSC Course in Hyderabad Provides NCERT based GS classes for IAS Exam will provide a well-planned and structured preparation strategy to lay a strong foundation. This includes:

• 700+ hours of class to cover the concepts of NCERT books with the perspective of UPSC syllabus.

• Focus on concept building and developing the perspective needed for preparation.

• UPSC syllabus detailing in sync with the NCERTS and approach

• Comprehensive preparation for GS Pre-cum-Mains is done by India’s Top Teaching Faculty and Best Mentors.

• CRUX of NCERT (6 to 12 Class) 10 SetPrinted Notes/Books will be provided.

Study Hours

• Under 3 years Foundation Course, 4 Hours classes are conducted on daily basis (Monday to Friday) in the first year.
• Subject sequence-wise and systematic study is done every day.

Doubt Clearing Session

• Daily after every 2 hours lecture, a one-to-one doubt-clearing session will be provided to every student. In doubt clearing sessions, student can discuss with faculties without any hesitation on any problem specially related to his studies.

Revision and Test Series

•  Weekly Topic Wise Test (duration – 2 hours) with explanation is conducted every Saturday for General Studies Foundation Batch.
• The weekend test is conducted with complete explanation.
• The weekly General Studies revision is done through the test.

IInd Phase (2nd Year)

Preparation for General Studies, Current Affairs and Optional Subjects

After the 1st year of preparation of UPSC, GS integrated Prelims-cum-Mains, Essay, Optional Subjects will be coveredin the 2nd year and GS integrated Prelim and Mains Standard Classes will cover notes provided by Vintage IAS Academy along with other standard Text-books and other UPSC related study material based on government releases i.e., Yojana, Kurukshetra and standard newspapers such as The Hindu, Indian Express and others.
Both the static and contemporary part of the syllabus will be covered under this phase.
An integrated Current affairs and General Studies approach will be the focus of the preparation.
Along with the regular classes aspirants will also get access to the Weekly current affairs classes for the coverage of current issues of GS Paper 1, 2, 3, 4 and Essay from UPSC Coaching Centre in Hyderabad.

Optional Subjects

Senior Mentors and Board of Directors will help aspirants to choose the Optional subjects. Optional subject will be chosen considering the academic degree of the student, interest in the subject and analysis of past years selection-based analysis of that particular subject.

Current Affairs

• Every Saturday 3 to 4 hours special classes of Current Affairs will be organized.
• Current affairs classes cover the GS Syllabus in an integrated manner.

Study Hours

• Under the 3-year foundation course in the second year on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) 4 to 6 hours classes are conducted.
• Along with 4 hours classes of GS standard and Optional subject classes of 2 hours per day are conducted.

Test Series

• The topic-wise test is conducted as per GS Standard. The discussion of the weekly test is done by the faculties.
• In the weekly test, the static part of GS as well as the dynamic part related to Current Affairs are revised.
• Weekly topic wise 2 hours test is conducted on every Saturday.
• The weekend test is done with a complete explanation.
• The weekly General Studies revision is done through the test.

IIIrd Phase (3rd Year)

• Final phase, the students are made to prepare in depth the dynamic part of GS, Current Affairs according to the UPSC Exam.
• In preparation for current affairs, Vajirao & Reddy Institute provided 10 to 15 Pages General studies current affairs assignment per day.
• Simultaneously, 4 hours Current Affairs analytical classes are conducted for dynamic preparation Every Saturday.
• Analysis of GS Mains is done by Publication Division Magazines of the Government of India i.e. Yojana and Kurukshetra.
• All India test series is done for General Studies Mains and General Studies Prelims and optional subject mains.
• The test series of General Studies Mains is conducted according to the complete UPSC Pattern.
• The complete syllabus is done by Test Series. The model answer of the Test Series is prepared by the top-rank selected IAS.
• With this student completed his study of GS Prelims and GS Mains and optional subjects and Current Affairs before the UPSC Civil Services Examination.
• Total 32 Prelims Tests and 12 Mains Exam Test will be conducted.
• Each test will be followed by 3 layers of performance analysis including test report, detailed analysis and ranking.

Answer writing practice sessions

• Regular Answer Writing will be conducted that not only develop the needed skill set of articulation and presentation in answer writing but also focus on improving your conceptual clarity and syllabus coverage in a time-bound manner.
• It will include Answer Writing, Evaluation, and one to one discussion.

Personalised Mentoring

• In addition to regular classes, regular One-on-One doubt clearing sessions will be conducted to identify areas for improvement and accordingly provide our students personalised recommendations to improve one’s chances of success.
• Mentorship session will be done with respective Faculty after Copy Evaluation to provide Relevant Insights and Feedback to each candidate as per his/her Performance.

Notes and Study Material

Well-designed, exhaustive and updated study material will be provided which are self-explanatory. It includes CRUX of NCERT (6 to 12 Class) – 10 Set Printed Notes/Books, Vajirao & Reddy IAS Pre-cum-Mains General Studies – 18 Set Printed Notes/Books, Essay Notes/Booklets, GS Topic-wise Assignments, Current Affairs Notes and UPSC Today Analysis Assignments.Everyday Current Affairs UPSC analysis Video Classes with Assignments will also be provided by Vintage UPSC Coaching Centre in Hyderabad.


Registration Process:

To take admission in our comprehensive Classroom Programme for UPSC preparation, Vintage IAS Academy offers an Online Admission process. Where a candidate can register online to join these courses to Join UPSC Course in Hyderabad.

• Online Registration: Candidates seeking admission in a batch must apply on or before the registration last date using the submission of the Online Registration Form which is available on the Institute’s website: Click Here
• On registration online, our system will generate a token number for the candidates and admission will be offered based on the token numbers. A candidate, who registers sooner on the days of online registration, will get preference for the choice of batches as well.


Registration Fee: 5,000


• English Medium Fee: Rs. 2,35,000


• Payment can be made through NEFT, RTGS, UPI or IMPS.

• You are advised to make payments only against the issuance of fee-receipt.


Foundation Course Program

Batch Starts

Last Date for Registration




Important Notes:

• Registrations are open for Limited Time only.

• Limited Token

• Available for the above-mentioned course program.

•Admission is on a first come first serve basis.


Candidates will receive an admission confirmation email and a welcome message via registered email and text message.

Contact Us

2ND FLOOR, V.V. Complex, Bus Stop, near Chaitanyapuri, VR Colony, Kamala Nagar, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500060

Helpline No. +91 7770003722

The competitive nature of the UPSC CSE Exam requires, to put it mildly, at least a year of committed and diligent preparation. Remember that consistency, discipline, and self-discernment are key to cracking the UPSC exam. It’s also important to find the best UPSC Course in Hyderabad & create a study plan and allocate enough time for each subject based on your strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, practice writing answers and essays as well, as writing skills are crucial for the mains exam.

This 36-Months Foundation Course Program is a right concoction to breakthrough the UPSC CSE examination.