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Best IAS Coaching Centre in Hyderabad

ABOUT Vintage Degree with IAS College

Welcome to Vintage Degree with IAS College in Hyderabad, the leading institution for Degree with IAS programs in Hyderabad. Committed to delivering top-notch IAS coaching in Hyderabad, our institute extends its services to students nationwide through Integrated Programs such as Degree + IAS, and Direct IAS.

Vintage IAS provides a variety of Integrated IAS Courses tailored to accommodate the diverse educational backgrounds of our students. Our course offerings encompass B.A + IAS, B.COM + IAS, B.SC + IAS, and B.B.A + IAS. Through our inclusive classes, interactive teaching methods, and individualized attention, we ensure that our students are well-equipped to successfully tackle the IAS exam on their initial attempt.

At Vintage IAS, our mission is to empower and guide students in realizing their aspirations of becoming civil servants. With an outstanding track record and a solid reputation, we are confident that our students will not only perform exceptionally well in their exams but will also evolve into successful administrators capable of making a positive impact on society. Vintage Degree with IAS College comprises a team of experienced faculty members, including retired IAS/IPS/IRS officers, academics, and exceptional tutors from reputable institutes in India, establishing itself as the Best IAS coaching in Hyderabad.

Degree with IAS College Target


Our mission is to provide the finest guidance, study resources, and mentorship to IAS aspirants. We aim to create an environment that fosters holistic development, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of the subjects, enabling our students to face the challenges of the IAS exams with confidence.

Vision for Degree with IAS Coaching


Our vision is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and ethical foundation needed to excel in the IAS exams and, more importantly, to serve the nation with integrity, compassion, and dedication. We believe in creating not just successful candidates, but change-makers who contribute positively to society.

Career from Degree with IAS College

Reach Your Goals with VINTAGE DEGREE With IAS College

Career from Degree with IAS College

VINTAGE Degree with IAS College offers our students a high quality administrative and competitive education. Our goal is to develop responsible, moral, and value-based leaders and officers for this society through effective instruction. The primary goal of Vintage Degree with IAS College is to offer IAS aspirants. we are Degree with IAS College in Hyderabad and training possible from highly qualified and eminent faculty members. With more than 20 years of combined teaching experience in coaching centres or academies in Warangal, Hanumakonda and Hyderabad, we have the most qualified and distinguished faculty team. With the name Vintage IAS Academy, we are now providing the best services. Analysis is the key to success in the IAS. Faculty members with knowledge and expertise do the analysis. Our faculty members average 20 years of teaching experience. If IAS is your ultimate goal, we are prepared to give you the best instruction from knowledgeable instructors.

Our Approach

Degree with IAs Coaching Approach

Vintage Degree with IAS College isn’t just one of the best Civil Services coaching institutes in town. We do our best to equip you to deliver when it matters most. Vision, Aptitude, Judgement, Integrity, Rationality, Assertiveness and Organization are some key attributes expected of Civil Services aspirants. VINTAGE stands for all of that.

At the core of our strategy is a highly effective teaching method that seeks to give you conceptual clarity in all relevant subjects and topics so that you can tackle questions with confidence. Above all, we demystify the Civil Services for you in a rigorous, yet friendly environment where learning is made enjoyable. For this, we rope in the best and experienced minds in the field.

Degree with IAs Coaching Approach


Our instructors are carefully selected based on their expertise, academic background, and a genuine passion for teaching. They are experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of the IAS exams and are committed to helping you reach your full potential.

Dr. Alladi Anjaiah


Raj Kumar. B

Managing Director

Mr. Praveen K

Head Counseling Dept