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- Vintage Degree + IAS College

Vintage IAS Academy is the Finest Institute in Hyderabad, providing a complete package of a Degree with IAS Coaching. We recognize the challenges of balancing degree studies and UPSC Exam Preparation. Hence, we’ve created a tailored program that seamlessly combines your academic goals with targeted IAS Coaching.

Vintage IAS is among the top academies, providing a combined Degree + IAS Coaching for aspirants. We excel in Civil Services Coaching for all three levels of the Civil Services Examination (CSE) – Preliminary (GS + CSAT), Mains (GS + Optional), and Personality Test. Enroll in our 3-year integrated coaching led by experienced faculty, experts in their subjects, providing the best training based on their extensive experience to help students pass the exam on their first attempt. With our expert guidance, aspiring individuals will transform into accomplished civil servants, dedicated to serving the country.

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3 years (Degree+ Civil services coaching)


Intermediate(+2) or equivalent

Courses Offered



Variable(Coaching+ Materials+ Hostel)



Day Scholar


Preparence For Civil Service Exam

There are numerous career opportunities for today’s youth. However, whenever we learn about someone passing the civil services exam, we can’t help but admire them. Despite the variety of career options available, a career in civil services holds a unique charm. Let’s explore why many consider it a dream career!

Charisma of Civil Service

A career in civil services allows you to be a powerful force for positive change in society. Your choices can make a difference in the lives of many and bring about positive transformations. For example, during the Uttarakhand floods, a District Magistrate, serving as a civil servant, played a crucial role in ensuring the swift and effective distribution of relief aid and the timely disbursement of government compensation. Engaging in civil services provides you with the opportunity to bring joy to people’s lives, making it a deeply rewarding experience.

Career Potential

Job Security in IAS : Being an IAS officer ensures strong job security, with the rarity of dismissal. Once selected, an IAS officer serves until the age of 60, with the possibility of extension. Beyond just security, the role offers profound job satisfaction, providing a sense of accomplishment in contributing positively to society.

Attractive Salary and Facilities : The 7th pay commission has standardized the salary structure for Civil Servants, with IAS officers receiving an estimated monthly pay of Rs 70,000 to 80,000+. Alongside the competitive pay, officers enjoy excellent facilities and amenities.

Access to Knowledge and Education : IAS officers benefit from unhindered access to knowledge and educational opportunities through government policies for civil servants.

Career Growth Opportunities : A promising career path awaits those in the Civil Services Community, contingent on maintaining a strong work ethic. Career progression is influenced by the Annual Appraisal Report, paving the way for greater professional endeavors.

Public Service Focus : The primary motivation for entering Civil Services should be a commitment to utilize government resources for the public’s well-being. Many individuals pursue this career with a benevolent intent to contribute positively to society.

Integrated Preparation For Civil Service Examination

The eligibility requirement is a three-year bachelor’s degree program. If the aim is to take this exam, there’s no need to spend time and resources on non-essential courses like engineering, BBA, pharmacy, etc. Additionally, after finishing the degree, students often have to join separate coaching, adding strain to their resources and time. Recognizing the challenges aspirants face, we’ve streamlined preparation by combining degree studies with exam readiness.


VINTAGEDEGREE + IAS COLLEGE takes a holistic approach that benefits aspirants by allowing them to earn a degree while simultaneously working towards their goal of securing a government job. The carefully structured syllabus aids in mastering all three levels of the exam, with a daily focus on key topics to prepare candidates thoroughly.

In the first year, Ignite ensures a solid understanding of Polity, History, Geography, and daily Current Affairs. In the second year, the focus shifts to economics and mains subjects like Governance, World history, Science and technology, Environment, and Disaster management. The third-year plan includes extensive coverage of ethics syllabus and essay, along with interview guidance as a bonus. A comprehensive revision plan is also implemented, ensuring students are well-prepared for the civil services exam.

Books and Material

Vintage IAS material involves two levels. First level involves simplified NCERT material. This material is meticulously crafted to ensure all NCERTS are uncluttered in a lucid and crisp manner. Second level involves material for all civils subjects which are comprehensively covered.


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